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Brilliant balance weights 


As a well-balanced car is one of the keys to run fast laptimes Brilliant RC created the "Brilliant balance weights" to fine-tune the weight distribution of any rc car.


The weights with a diameter of 14mm and a height of 4,4mm (5g) and 8,7mm (10g) come in the typical corporate design sporting a "Brilliant" logo and a 5g or 10g engraving for easy identification.


While the 10 gramm version is threaded to fix it with a M3 screw or to use it as a nut, the 5 gramm is equipped with a 3mm hole so it can be used under a 10g weight or mounted with an M3 screw and a locknut.


The "Brilliant balance weights" come in a set of 2 x 5 gramm and 2 x 10 gramm weights and can be used to trim any rc model.